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Senior In-Home Medical Health Care

With over 10 years of experience delivering in-home medical care to our patients, Housecall Doctors will serve you 24/7. We will facilitate an individualized care plan that will support you and make it possible for you to stay in the comfort of your home.

We will work with your other healthcare provider to coordinate the specific assistance that you need. We can order in-home services such as physical, occupational, or speech therapy and diagnostic tests such as labs, x-rays, or ultrasounds. When appropriate we will assist with obtaining nursing and homemaker services. Our team is made up of licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and podiatrists who are available to serve you in the comfort and safety of your own home. We can be your primary care physician or we can simply assist you while you transition home from a temporary stay at a hospital or skilled-care facility.

Housecall Doctors is the answer to all your in-home healthcare needs.

Senior In-home medical and podiatry healthcare

In-home solutions for patients, managed care organizations, primary care providers & case managers

Housecall Doctors is the answer to all your in-home healthcare needs including:

  • Primary Care Medicine

  • Podiatric Medicine

  • Dietitian Services

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Transitional Care Management

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