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The foot and ankle provide the most crucial support, but they are often overlooked until problems arise. For many seniors, foot problems and ankle pain are common afflictions. Symptoms may present independently, or they can stem from other conditions, such as arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. Our In-house senior services provide comprehensive, personalized podiatry services to seniors of all mobility levels. Most insurance such as Humana. Aetna, UHC, Anthem, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage plans cover home podiatry visits.

Preventative Foot Care

Keeping seniors’ feet healthy is part of preventative care alongside symptom management. Some of the preventative care services we provide treat common feet affiliations such as heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, bunions, ingrown nails, neuromas, shoe and insert fittings and suggestions

Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease affects a large number of adults over 65, yet it remains highly undiagnosed and untreated. Our physicians know how to spot the early warning signs of the disease and provide swift interventions to lower patient risk, decrease symptoms, and prevent complications.

Management for Ongoing Foot Problems

 We have crafted our podiatry services to cover all the major issues seniors are likely to face including debridement of mycotic and dystrophic toenails, callouses, corns and ingrown toenail removal, abscesses and subungual hematomas treatment, foot and tissue infection treatments, lower limb amputation prevention plans

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics are at a much higher risk of lower limb amputation due to peripheral artery disease and nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy). We help manage the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, as well as manage pain and prevent ulcers and skin conditions. 

Durable Medical Equipment Needs

Patients that need custom diabetic shoes and inserts to provide protection and prevention of foot injury can be ordered by our podiatrist and delivered on-site for a proper fitting. We also help patients who need off-loading durable medical equipment (such as wheelchairs and walkers) that are covered under Medicare Part B.

Diagnostics and Mobility Assessments

Accurate assessment of gait, balance, and mobility in older adults is an important step to fall prevention. Our medical providers diligently evaluate patients' mobility frequently, develop plans of care, provide treatment, assess for orthotic/assistive device needs, and educate patients and caregivers.

What our partners are saying

My organization works very closely with this office to provide their patients with prosthetics and orthotics. Dr. Sinha is a great doctor who really does care about the well-being of his patients. The entire staff is great to work with as partners in providing care for our mutual patients. Our patients have great things to say about Dr. Sinha and we encourage anybody to take advantage of Dr. Sinha's compassionate care 

-Jesus, Service Manager

In-Home Mobile or Clinic Podiatry Services

Come to our clinic in Highland Indiana or we can come to you. We help you eliminate foot and ankle pain.  We perform surgical repair of bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown nails, and more. 

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