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Primary Care Physicians for Home-Bound Patients

We provide At Home Physician Services

HOUSCALL DOCTORS P.C. specializes in providing physician services. Our practice focuses on primary care/internal medicine, podiatry, and diagnostic testing.

Read about us in the local paper - NWI 

HOUSECALL DOCTORS P.C. accepts most insurance plans. We accept both primary and secondary insurance. We also offer self-pay programs to accommodate patients who do not have insurance coverage.

What we do for our patients:

Preventing, Managing, and Treating Disease: Our home health care clinical team and our physicians are able to help patients manage chronic disease effectively at home, resulting in significant reductions in unnecessary hospitalizations.

Efficient Care: We provide timely and well orchestrated care that is comprehensive. On-time healthcare delivery without the long wait for appointments, shuffling between facilities or labs, delays in medication treatments, and delay in physician follow-up. Our well coordinated and timely medical care helps to address chronic problems and reduces patient stress.

Care Transition: Our large network of medical services and facilities ensures timely and quality care is provided for every transition. Whether our patients are in need of physical therapy, nursing care, transportation, pre-hospitalization coordination or other home health care services, we coordinate quality care to ease the transition for our patients.

Healthcare Technology: HOUSECALL DOCTORS P.C. embraces innovative technologies and solutions that allow our staff to serve our patients faster and better while reducing cost to them. Various mobile technologies and tools are used in the home setting to assist in immediate care, we leverage Electronic Health Records and share data with our patients where possible to improve care.

Improving Homecare Delivery: Our alliance and partnership with a number of associations, pharmacies, labs, and physicians is a goal to advancing medical collaboration and research to improve the quality and efficiency of care provided to patients, as well as help to identify potential opportunities for medical savings through the clinically appropriate use of home health care.

Don't forget about our Podiatry care! Our Podiatrists make house calls too!